Student Spotlight: LSN Trip

By: Elijah, 6th Grade

Have you ever had the opportunity to experience being a broadcaster?  WelI, I have with Harlem Lacrosse-Boston.  Last week, my teammates and I went to Lax Sports Network (LSN) and experienced what it was like to be part of LSN.

The studio had all sorts of high tech equipment.  The LSN building was huge and filled with a lot of technology.  The audio was amazing. We got to switch to all sorts of channels on Camera 1, even all the way to the moon.  And there were more cameras for all sorts of angles in front and the corners left to right.  Also, there was this amazing guy named Josh Hawkins, the host of the show.  He was awesome and he even said that my teammate, Ralph, and I were naturals at being broadcasters.

When we got to LSN, I already knew that I was going to have a great time. We went to the filming room and I practiced being on live TV by reading off the teleprompter and we even filmed it.  Then I rushed to the audio and wore headphones and talked to the people that were filming on camera.  Then before we left I rushed to the set and interviewed Ralph about being a lacrosse player or a broadcaster.

If it weren’t for Harlem Lacrosse-Boston I would not have had this amazing opportunity to have gone to LSN.  I’m very thankful.  I wish I could go again.

Link to trip video:

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