school year 2017-2018 Impact Report

As Harlem Lacrosse students experience success on and off the field, they set new goals for themselves and engage in more positive behaviors in the pursuit of those goals.

1. Attendance


Students are more likely to be successful in school if they attend regularly. Chronic absenteeism is associated with a decease in on-time graduation, and an increase in drop out rate.

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2. Academic Performance


Harlem Lacrosse participants demonstrated high levels of academic performance, consistently passing their classes and improving GPAs over the last school year

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3. Social Emotional outcomes


On the field and in the classroom, Harlem Lacrosse Program Directors help participants activate mindsets crucial to success and growth in social-emotional skills.

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4. Athletic outcomes


Harlem Lacrosse helps students improve their physical fitness and lacrosse skills, with particular impact on youth with the lowest physical fitness

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 5. Boarding & Independent School


Harlem Lacrosse is committed to helping each student pursue the right educational path for them. Attendance at a boarding or independent school can be a transformational experience for some students. Harlem Lacrosse assists these students with the admission process to these schools 

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 6. Long term outcomes


Our earliest Harlem Lacrosse participants are now on track to graduate from college. Alumni of our program are significantly more likely to attend, persist in, and graduate high school than their peers. 

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