Harlem Lacrosse provides school-based, full-day, year-round support for our students by placing a full-time staff member at our school sites for each of our programs. Harlem Lacrosse Program Directors maintain a constant presence in the lives of the students we serve. They are tutors, mentors, and coaches who provide individualized attention that meets students where they are and helps them reach their full potential.


Our programming empowers students to set high expectations for themselves,achieve their goals and break the cycle of poverty by providing daily study halls, mentoring, push-in academic support, experiential and service-learning and vigorous, character building lacrosse instruction.


Program Overview


Study Halls

In order to play lacrosse, students must attend mandatory study halls every school day led by their Program Director. Study halls provide consistent, quiet space for students to complete their coursework and build skills sets that prepare them for high school, college, and beyond.


Harlem Lacrosse provides tutoring two to three times per week after school and on weekends to keep students engaged and to build on the progress made during the school day.

Push-in Academic Support

Program Directors also provide push-in academic and behavioral support during school classes to help struggling students realize their own untapped potential.

Lacrosse Training

Our lacrosse programming builds confidence, teamwork, and perseverance that translate into success off of the field. Harlem Lacrosse coaching is based on best practices to give every player as many reps as possible. Our players stay active and engaged during practice while they work as a team to improve.

Admissions Counseling

Harlem Lacrosse helps all students identify and pursue the best learning environment for their academic, social-emotional, and family needs. Our admissions counseling service provides students applying for admission to independent schools and college with free test preparation, essay workshops, school visits, interview preparation, financial aid counseling, and tutoring.

College Trips

Harlem Lacrosse’s commitment to creating a college going culture begins with our relationship with partner colleges. Every year, our students take at least one overnight and one day trip to a college to meet campus leaders, faculty, alumni, and student-athletes who discuss their educational path, how to set and achieve new goals, and how to overcome obstacles.


Community Partners

During weekend lacrosse events and overnight visits to partner towns and schools, students bond with new friends and meet mentors who have used lacrosse as a gateway to educational and professional opportunities.

Service Learning

We provide leadership training and service learning opportunities that empower our students to make a difference in their own neighborhood and beyond.

Career Exploration

We connect students with volunteer career mentors during career exploration and financial literacy workshops, workplace visits, and classes led by professionals from a wide variety of fields.