Student Spotlight: My Lacrosse Stick

By: Jerold, 7th Grade

Hello, my name is Jerold and I am a 7th grade student with Harlem Lacrosse-Boston, I am going to talk about my stick and how I got it. I will also be going over the various parts of the lacrosse stick that makes it unique and all the tricks that I learned to do with the stick.

My lacrosse head is a grey String King Mark 1 with a blue mesh mid pocket and two white shooting strings and one nylon string. It also has white sidewall string. I like my shooting strings to be lose because I want to have more accuracy when I shoot or pass the ball because I don’t want that much whip. My shaft is metallic grey short stick and at the end of the shaft I have a grey end cap.

I worked very hard to get my lacrosse stick. I had to earn a lot of points by being a role model, doing great on grades, putting in extra work, and always giving 100% effort. After getting enough points, I went to our team store and purchased my string king head with blue mesh. After putting my current shaft, I noticed I got the lacrosse head and mesh that matched my style of play. I like how accurate the ball came out and I knew I made the right choice.

 From the first day, I started learning new lacrosse stick tricks. I learned many tricks like the side wall stall and sidewall juggle. The hardest one that I learned was the sidewall juggle so I had to practice every day to get better at it.

My goal for this upcoming year is to score a goal with this stick that I am now attached too.

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