Amherst College Men's Lacrosse Visits Harlem Lacrosse

On October 15, 2015, Amherst College head coach Jon Thompson and assistant coach Josh Hawkins visited Harlem Lacrosse to provide inspiration on and off the field to the boys from PS 149 and PS 76. Both coaches spoke to the boys about dedication, passion, mental toughness, and growth before showing them Amherst Lacrosse highlight videos to get the boys pumped up for lacrosse. Coaches Thompson and Hawkins then led an up tempo, energetic lacrosse session that included shooting, fast breaks, and defensive positioning. The boys had their best practice of the year! 

Harlem Lacrosse would like to thank Coach Thompson, Coach Hawkins, and the entire Amherst Men's Lacrosse community for visiting and donating tons of equipment for the boys to buy with their hard-earned study hall points. Go Jeffs!