Volunteer Spotlight: Nina Callahan

To celebrate the contributions of HLL's volunteers, we spotlight members of the HLL family who are helping our students reach their potential on and off the field. Up this month:  Nina Callahan, a junior attending Concord Academy (“CA”) in Massachusetts who volunteered with HLL this summer.

Do you play lacrosse?
I started playing lacrosse in 3rd grade with my town program. I immediately fell in love with the sport and was continually craving to play more and more. I joined the club lacrosse scene in 7th grade. At the end of 7
th grade, I joined Revolution Lacrosse (“REV”)—a developmental club that's based out of the Boston area. This past June marks the beginning of my 4th year on REV. I play center/middle field in Lacrosse.  I also play on the varsity team at CA. I love playing center because of the draw--it's one of my favorite parts of the game!

Do you volunteer with any other organizations?
I'm a member of the National Charity League. It is a mother-daughter charity league that partners with non-profit organization near-by. My favorite places to go have been: The Red Cross Food Bank in Boston, House of Hope in Lowell, and the Pan Mass Challenge Kids Ride in Concord. 

How did you get involved with HLL?
Through our family friends, the Salemys, we first learned about HLL two years ago and were so excited when they started a girls program last year. Louis [Salemy] invited my parents to an HLL fundraiser in Concord last fall and that is where my Mom met Sasha [Klimczak, Girls Program Director at Truth]. After that, my Mom put me in contact with Sasha, who had openings this summer for volunteers! 

What is it like to work with HLL?
Amazing! I've never met a group of kids who have such a strong desire to get better each day. They show up every morning with huge smiles on their faces, ready to go and they never stop working hard--both on the field and in the classroom. 

What surprised you most about working with HLL?
How happy, bubbly, and willing to learn all the girls were. Despite what may be going on at home, at HLL they were always positive. They were sponges, soaking up all the new lacrosse skills and lessons in the classroom.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?
DO IT! Don't even hesitate! It's an experience that helps you change the lives of others while expanding your own horizons.



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