Volunteer of the Month - Kiefer Bachmann

To celebrate the contributions of HLL's volunteers, we spotlight members of the HLL family who are helping our students reach their potential on and off the field. Up this month:  {C} {C}{C} {C} {C}Kiefer Bachmann, a senior at Bergen Catholic High School who has been involved with HLL since 2012. {C}

Do you play lacrosse? 
I first began playing lacrosse in Ridgewood, NJ when I was in 1st Grade and currently I’m a midfielder for the Bergen Catholic High School Lacrosse Team.

Describe your volunteer experience with HLL.
I have over 350 hours of volunteer service with HLL. This year, I organized and carried out the first ever "HLL Blue Blazer Drive," which provided every student at Truth with a blazer, shirt, tie, and pants for their visit to the University of Virginia in March.

I have also served as a mentor and chaperone on HLL's trips to the University of Virginia in 2013 and 2014, organized "HLL homestays" for five groups of HLL boarding school students to stay with me and my family over the past two summers, volunteered as a coach during fall and winter practices, and tutored during fall and winter Boarding School Admissions Counseling classes and essay writing sessions.

Right now, I am volunteering as tutor, mentor, and assistant coach at HLL's annual Day Camp at FDA for the second year. Later this summer, I will volunteer as a tutor and mentor at HLL's Boarding School Boot Camp for the second year as well. 

How did you first get involved with HLL?
Through a friend and former teammate who started a gear drive for HLL when we were freshman at Bergen Catholic. I was immediately drawn to the program and wanted to learn more about HLL.

What is it like to work with HLL?
Awesome! Seeing all of the boys develop on the lacrosse field and in the classroom is amazing.  It is also an incredible learning experience for me as I am challenged by HLL’s Program Directors to work harder and to become a better tutor and mentor.

What do you find most challenging about volunteering with HLL?
Not being able to spend more time volunteering!

What has surprised you most about working with HLL?
What surprised me was how similar I am to these kids. I thought that we would be different because we come from different backgrounds, but these kids are just the same as my friends and me.  We laugh about the same things, we have similar interests, we work hard, we get a little nervous when we try new things for the first time… and we all love the game of lacrosse!

Tell me about one or some of the people you’ve met while volunteering.
All of the people I have met while volunteering have the same goal- to help out the kids the best they can.  HLL’s program directors have been incredible mentors to me. Each one has taken the time to work with me. In particular, Wyatt Melzer has taken an interest in me and my development.  And of course the HLL students: they have all taught me about life, courage, embracing each other’s differences and the value of hard work. 

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?
Definitely do it. It’s a great experience… you will find that the more you give of yourself the more you will learn and grow!

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