HLL and Columbia Kick Off Big Sister/Little Sister Program

On February 21st, 2014, the P.S./M.S. 149 the Sojourner Truth School girls team traveled to Columbia University's new Baker Athletics Complex to hang with the Lions' women's lacrosse team, meet their new "big sisters" and watch a Division 1 lacrosse practice. The event kicks off the big sister/little sister collaboration between HLL and the Columbia University women's lacrosse team which will continue through the school year. 

After meeting the team in the auditorium at the complex, each Truth girl was called down to meet her "big sister." The pairs were given 15 minutes to get to know each other before the group reflected together and shared what they learned about their sisters, including fun facts like how many siblings their "sister" had or similar favorite musical artists. Coach Liz Kittleman Jackson presented the group with a generous donation of shafts, heads, and full sticks for HLL's upcoming prize days at Truth. The girls then walked out to Robert K. Kraft Field together to watch their "big sisters" practice.

This Saturday, March 1, the girls will go and support their "big sisters" as Columbia takes on Brown University. The "little sisters" will then take on HLL's girls team from Frederick Douglass Academy in a short exhibition match during halftime.