Strong Start for Inaugural Harlem Lacrosse-Boston Boys Program

One day is all it took for lacrosse to be the talk of the school at Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School in Boston. On the first day of school, Coach Heneveld and Coach Funnell introduced the YA students to lacrosse by showing a college lacrosse highlight video at an Upper School assembly. Although unfamiliar with the new sport, students were already hooked. 

Harlem Lacrosse has been welcomed with open arms by the staff and students leading to a strong start at YA. In just two weeks, over 30 students joined the team, including more than half of the 5th grade boys. Our students already love the game of lacrosse and are eager to take advantage of all Harlem Lacrosse has to offer. 

Special thanks to Principal Chalmers, Upper School Director T’Sheba Martin, and all of the Upper School teachers for their support of Harlem Lacrosse. Also a big thank you to our Boston Advisory Board for making this program possible. We are excited to continue building a strong partnership that will benefit our students!