Future Jays from Commodore Return to Johns Hopkins University

On March 28th, the girls of Baltimore City Lacrosse and Leadership had the incredible opportunity to attend the JHU Women’s Lacrosse game against University of California, Davis. Braving the cold, the girls from Commodore cheered on their hometown team as they dominated the Aggies. 

At halftime, the BCLL girls split into two teams and scrimmaged on the legendary Homewood field. Wearing their fresh new uniforms from 4Point4, the girls hustled up and down the field in a tightly contested game. With less than a minute to go, a huge stop by 6th grade goalie Makayla Barmadia, led to a goal from 7th grade midfielder, Asiana Cothrans.  The girls were all smiles after the game as they replayed each moment of emulating their lacrosse idols on the Blue Jays’ home field.

After the game, the Hopkins players and the BCLL players gathered together in the Cordish Lacrosse Center. The girls shared about their seasons so far and had Hopkins lacrosse posters signed by all their favorite players.

A huge thanks goes out of JHU Senior Octavia Williams and Assistant Athletics Director, Kelsie Gory for coordinating the event. We also thank Coaches Janine Tucker, Tara Singleton, and Steele Stanwick, along with the rest of the Blue Jays for hosting us for a great evening of lacrosse! Go Hop!