HLL's Volunteer of the Month

Myles working with L'Nya, an 8th grader at FDA.

Myles working with L'Nya, an 8th grader at FDA.

Every month, HLL spotlights a volunteer who helps our students reach their potential. Up this month: Myles Monaghan, who has volunteered as a coach and tutor since June 2013.

What's your day job?
 Program Developer & Grant Writer, Community League of the Heights

Do you have a lacrosse experience?
Yes, I played attack at Haverford College. 

How did you first get involved with HLL?
I started coaching with the FDA boys team after my friend and former teammate Joel Censer became the Program Director.

What is it like to volunteer with HLL?
It's a blast. I've always enjoyed working with kids on personal and leadership skills but doing so through lacrosse and tying it back to school makes it even more enjoyable and, I think, more effective too. Saturday morning sessions when it's nice out and the kids are jazzed to be playing is the best.  

What has surprised you most about working with HLL?
How passionate the kids are about lacrosse after just picking up a stick for the first time, and how skilled they have become in such a short time. 

Tell me about one one or some of the people you've met while volunteering.
Too many to name. At each session I meet at least one other excellent, passionate coach who is taking time out of their day to help out. All the HLL student-athletes who continue to show up rain or shine and commit to the excelling in school and on the field [are excellent]. One particularly special person I will mention though is an 8th grader named L'Nya. We worked together on boarding school applications this past winter. Her determination to seek new opportunities and overcome obstacles in her past was truly inspiring. I am proud to have witnessed her work to achieve her goal. 

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering? 
Show up and continue to make it a priority. You won't regret it. 

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