HL-LA Visits Whittier

Whittier College 7

The View Park Middle School Lacrosse Team took a trip to Whittier College this week. Here’s the recap from VPMS 8th grader Lincoln:

On Wednesday January 9th, 2019 the View Park Boys team traveled to Whittier College. We walked in with great energy and eager to learn about something new. We were met by Gina DiPierro, a Whittier alumnus and current professor who works in the community engagement center there. She had us make vision boards about smart ways to choose a path for college, along with the help of two other CEC staff members named Robert and Rosa. After the presentation Robert gave us a tour of the campus. We asked a lot of questions like “Do some the professors sleep on campus as well?” Then we met Coach Nick Marks, the Head Coach of the Whittier Men’s Lacrosse team. He took over the tour and took us into the athletics building. He even took us to the lacrosse team’s locker room, and it smelled like sweaty socks.

After touring the Athletics Center, we went to the field were the lacrosse team plays. We had the chance to run around and burn off a little energy. We all did a 40-yard race and that was fun. Right after that we went to the cafeteria. I was really big, and we saw some students talking or doing some homework. We got to eat a little something and we sat with the Whittier Lacrosse team and they were very welcoming. The food was even better though.

After that it was almost time to leave so we hung out in the computer lounge and took some team photos. Then we left Whittier but we will be back in order to see a game or just hang out.

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