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In early February, the View Park Boys lacrosse team headed to Whittier College for a jam-packed day of lacrosse, food, and fun. View Park players paired up with the Whittier players for 1-1 lacrosse instruction during an hour-long clinic in Whittier’s Memorial Stadium. After the clinic, Whittier Assistant Coach Curt Foxx spoke to both teams about academics, respect, and hard work, saying “It’s extremely tough to wake up every day and do hard work in the classroom, but that’s the number one thing. Academics are number one. Teachers, parents, grandparents, they do a lot for you; thank them, respect them.” With trimester two drawing to a close in school and with a busy spring of lacrosse, View Park Laxers need to focus on academics, and it was great to get that message from Whittier. As the Whittier team headed to their locker room to prepare for their game against SDSU, Whittier head coach Nick Marks took the View Park squad on a tour of the athletic center and stadium, swinging past basketball and water polo practices.

Back in Memorial Stadium, the View Park team watched Whittier cruise to a 17-7 victory over San Diego State University. In the stands, Whittier Families and Friends were generous to share the shade of their tents and a few snacks with the View Park team. We really can’t thank the whole Whittier Family enough for the generosity and warmth they showed us. To cap the day off, the two teams shared the postgame meal, and after some great food and laughs boarded the bus back to View Park. Two particularly enthusiastic 5th graders described it as “the best field trip ever” and “better than six flags.” Here’s hoping my alma mater and Whittier rival Colorado College can come win the hearts of View Park in April. Seems like Whittier will be a tough act to follow.

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