Harlem Lacrosse Visits Scarsdale Youth Lacrosse for Early Spring Event

Our middle school and high school programming started the Spring Season off strong when Harlem Lacrosse high schoolers and 6th graders from both FDA and Promise Academy trekked to the Sports Underdome for a joint practice with the Scarsdale High School and Youth teams.

The boys received a warm welcome from the Scarsdale team and enjoyed the opportunity to play indoors on a full-sized field.FDA and PA2 practiced 2-man pick plays, 2 v 1 ground balls, and dodging to score before combining forces for intermixed scrimmages with the Scarsdale team. Several slick passing plays between Harlem Lacrosse and Scarsdale players highlighted the up and down action. A huge thank you to Bob Koch for including our student-athletes and coordinating the day!