FDA Boys Visit Blair Academy

On Sunday, October 18, the FDA 6th graders visited Blair Academy to practice with the Blair Academy Lacrosse team, tour the school, and hear from influential speakers.  

Some highlights from practice were a cradling relay race, longest throw competition, and lots of wipeouts during the groundball box-out drills. The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet was, of course, a huge hit as well.  

Blair basketball coach Joe Montegna addressed Harlem Lacrosse student-athletes and encouraged them to “match your perspiration to your aspiration.” The day was capped off with a Q-and-A session with Blair lacrosse coach Teddy Wenner, who spoke about the importance of being a good person and a good student. 

Many thanks to Coach Wenner for organizing the day and giving the FDA lacrosse 6th graders an unforgettable experience!