school year 2017-2018 Impact Report

As Harlem Lacrosse students experience success on and off the field, they set new goals for themselves and engage in more positive behaviors in the pursuit of those goals.

1. Attendance


Rate of Students Attending School Regularly

Harlem Lacrosse Program Directors work in school all day, every day, which means improved attendance for Harlem Lacrosse student-athletes. 89% of Harlem Lacrosse students have regular attendance (i.e., they are present at least 90% of the academic calendar) compared to 78% of their in-school peers.

Harlem Lacrosse Students

In-School Peers

2. Academic Performance


Rate of Students Passing Core Classes

Harlem Lacrosse students attend mandatory daily study halls and achieved passing grades in core-classes at higher rates than non-Harlem Lacrosse students at their schools. In the 2016-2017 school year, at least 87% of students passed English, Math and Science.

Students Passing English


Students Passing Science

Students Passing Social Studies

3. Graduation


High School Dropout Rate in New York City

Academic, athletic and social-emotional skill building throughout the calendar year helps keep students engaged. As a result, Harlem Lacrosse alumni avoid high school and college dropout at rates superior to those of their peers.


 Harlem Lacrosse Alumni

African American H.s. Students in NYC

Harlem Lacrosse Alumni

4. SCholarships


Independent School and College Matriculation

Students who enroll in the Admissions Counseling program receive free academic tutoring, SSAT and SAT preparation, essay counseling, advising, and school visits throughout the application process. Since 2011, Harlem Lacrosse has helped 47 students earn academic scholarships to independent schools and colleges.

$24 M

Harlem Lacrosse students have earned over $24 million in scholarship offers from independent schools and colleges since 2011.


100% of graduating boarding school students were admitted to the college of their choice with an aid package that fit their needs.


During the 2016–2017 school year, Harlem Lacrosse students at independent schools maintained a "B" average in their core classes


This year, Harlem Lacrosse students will attend postsecondary institutions including: