TCS NYC Marathon 2019 Harlem Lacrosse Application

All pages of this application must be completed and submitted by May 12th or until all spots are filled on the team. Completion of this application does not guarantee you a spot on the team. You will be informed by Harlem Lacrosse if you've been chosen as a member on a rolling basis, after we have processed your application.

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*If your company has a matching gift, please understand that these matching gifts do not apply to the minimum fundraising amount.
What is your Singlet or Race Shirt space. They are male or female and come in sizes XS to XXXL
What is your fundraising goal? *
Please explain your fundraising plan and how you will achieve this set goal:
Please mention any affiliations with Harlem Lacrosse and why you're passionate about our school-based intervention and advocacy work.
Do you have preexisting injuries or medical conditions that might prohibit from completing the 2018 NYC Marathon. If so, please explain:
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